Various activities

EVERGUSH made 5 days,4 nights overseas tour in JEJU ISLAND,SOUTH KOREA. Over 165 EVERGUSH members(divided into 3 groups) join the overseas travel activity. Participants not only enjoyed great time during the trip,but also expanded their horizons by the overseas tour experience.

EVERGUSH hold year end party for "customers from South district of Taiwan". To thanks for their continuous support in 2012. Over 600 people attend the party. The show is very funny and diverse.Including lots of prize(water pumps) drawings,best 2012 sales clients awards,dancing and singing match and funny dancing programs..,etc. Everyone enjoyed wonderful and relaxed Saturday night.

Most exciting moment is all participators gathered together, divided into several teams.All write down their blessing and wish on "flying lanterns" ,and then release "flying lanterns"at the same time. Over 50 flying lanterns are released to the sky at one time,It's very spectacular and impressive. Everyone very enjoyed the touching moment and had very great time during the trips.

EVERGUSH held pump seminar and evening Banquet in Taichung,Taiwan. Participants are included all EVERGUSH Taichung branch employees and customers from middle area of Taiwan.Over 600 people participated in this party. During the party,EVERGUSH also showed most advanced pumps demo and seminar for customers, to let clients comprehend the features and functions of EVERGUSH new products. During the party, EVERGUSH arranged high-class performance by Orchestra,Karaoke contest,awarding ceremony,prize drawings...etc.All participants enjoyed a wonderful and happy night.

Any questions about our products?

The EVERGUSH branch offices cover all round Taiwan. If you have any questions about our products or need related technical data, please feel free to contact with EVERGUSH local branch office. Please link our branch office as following.

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Right here we will provide solutions for problems or failures that you could've encountered with pumps. The content of these solutions have been gathered from experienced and professional technicians in our company. Before you contact our technicians for answers, we suggest you read through below basic troubleshooting and instruction manual. It should help you to understand more about our products, and also find out the solutions more quickly.