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Remarkable Sales Performance of EVERGUSH from July to Dec/2019. Featured

Project Name: "GIANT" Bicycles New Headquarters building

Date:2019/Sep in Taichung,Taiwan.

Products: 6 sets of EVERGUSH FF-series Fire-fighting Pumps

Project Description: The oldest zoo in Taiwan, Hsinchu Zoo (Since 1936), reopened on December/28/2019, after two and a half years of close park and construction. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen also came to attend the grand reborn opening ceremony. We are honored and pleased that the new zoo area adopts numerous sets of "EVERGUSH fire-fighting pumps" to ensure the safety of fire prevention and disaster prevention in the park.

Date:2019/Dec in Hsinchu,Taiwan.

Project Name:Holiday Inn Express Chiayi

Date:2019/Sep in Chiayi,Taiwan.

Products: Numerous sets of EVERGUSH FF-series Fire-fighting Pumps.

Numerous sets of EVERGUSH XA-series End-suction centrifugal pumps, CP-series Close-coupled Centrifugal Pumps.


Project Name: Funshang Main Train Station, Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Date:2019/July in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Products: EVERGUSH FF-series Fire-fighting Pump sets  

Project Name: Luxury Residential Apartment

Date:2019/July in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Products: Numerous of EVERGUSH ECDL-series Vertical Multi-stage Pumps( Transfer water to the overhead storage tank of the building) 

                Numerous of EVERGUSH FF-series Fire-fighting Pump sets. 

Project Name: Baseball Hall of Fame Exhibition Center

Date:2019/July in Taouyan,Taiwan.

Products: Numerous of EVERGUSH FF-series Fire-fighting Pump sets.

EVERGUSH finished production and wooden crate packing for numerous large pump sets, included UP-series Inverter constant pressure pump sets, FF Fire-fighting pump sets, PC-ECDL Transfer Pump sets(Duplex and Triplex Alternative-operation), EF Submersible Sewage Pumps. All pumps are well prepared and loaded in 40 feet container , to export to Philippines. Date 2019/08/16.

Date:2019/Aug, Loading goods in Evergush Kaohsiung Headquarters. 

Project Name: Da-liao Khaotan Military Camp

Date:2019/Aug in Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

Products: Numerous sets of EVERGUSH UP,3UP-series Inverter-controlled Constant Pressure Pumps.

2 sets of EVERGUSH EG Diesel-engine Generators (One is 200KW, FPT engine powered, another is 500KW, Perkins engine powered)

We finished numerous sets of Large EVERGUSH FF-series Fire-fighting pumps,UP-series VFD Constant Pressure pumps and TOS-EF Submersible Sewage Pump with Guide Rail Device.Then we load in 40 feet container to arrange shipping to Indonesia,2019/12/26

Date:2019/Dec, Loading goods in Evergush Kaohsiung Headquarters. 

Exported 62 sets of ECDL vertical multi-stage pumps + 28 sets of ECM horizontal multi-stage pumps to Peru, South America. The goods were properly packed and shipped to the Kaohsiung Port terminal. It is estimated that it will take about 40 days to ship to CALLAO port in Peru. The distance from Kaohsiung port in Taiwan to CALLAO port in Peru in South America is 17,818 kilometers.

Project Name: Gloria Outlets in Taouyan Taiwan.  

Date:2019/Sep in Taouyan,Taiwan.

Products: Numerous sets of EVERGUSH FF Fire-fighting Pumps(For Fire hydrant/ Fire Sprinkler system/ Foam Sprinkler System) 

Numerous sets of EVERGUSH ECDL Vertical Multi-stage Pumps.



1. We don't show projects of Submersible Sewage Pumps, because submersible pumps are sinking under water, we can't take photos.

2.The above is a well-known sales performance during 2019 July~Dec, and it is impossible to present all the cases one by one.Hope for understanding.

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