EAF Heavy Duty Submersible Sewage Pumps


  1. Non-clogging Vortex impeller, minimized abrasive wear,large impeller clearance, and maintenance free.
  2. The motor housing is made of all cast iron, which has great heat dissipation.
  3. Dry motor with overload protector,cable with an epoxy resin sealed water-proof cable hood,high grade cast iron pump casing and motor housing,deep groove C3 bearing.
  4. Superior abrasion resistant double mechanical seal made of silicon carbide(SIC), to ensure the best seal effect.
  5. Guide Rail Device is available for safety and easy maintenance.
  6. Auto float switch is optional. It can make the submersible pump run automatically.
Structural drawing of evergush EAF SUB. sewage pump


  1. Building waste water treatment system, sewage treatment plant, community market, sanitary sewer.
  2. Drainage waste water from paper industry, dyeing industry, foodstuff industry, leather industry and iron and steel industry.
  3. Fishery, animal husbandry, dairy farm, piggery, fecal sewage tank and industry water supply. Othersewage or sump treatment system.

Operating Conditions:

  1. Ambient Temperature: Max.40℃
  2. Liquid Temperature: 0~40℃
  3. Max. Operating Depth: 10M
  4. Forbid 24 hours continuously running or running pumps under lowest running water level.
  5. Solid Passage: 35~50MM


  1. Power(output): 2HP~7.5HP(2P models); 2HP~20HP(4P models).
  2. Motor Protection: IP68
  3. Insulation: F
  4. Pole: 2P,4P
  5. Voltage:
    Single Phase 110~220V*60Hz
    Three Phase 220 or 380V*60Hz
    Single Phase 220~240V*50Hz
    Three Phase 380~415V*50Hz
  6. Discharge: 2” ~ 8”
  7. Max.Head: 40M
  8. Max.Capacity: 6950 LPM ( 417M³/Hr)

Diagram-Alternative & Parallel operation of dual submersible Sewage pumps:

Low water level-all stop running
Medium water level-all stop running
High water level-all stop running

Diagram-Submersible Sewage Pump with TOS Guide Rail Device:

Through simple and convenient installation, we can connect the pump onto guide rail device. Whenever the pump needs maintenance, it can be easily pulled out through guide bar to dismantle, repair or examine the pump. For Life safety purpose, The workers no longer take big risks to go down the septic tank to do maintenance or replacement. It's safer and more convenient to do maintenance for the pump.

Evergush Submersible sewage pump with guide rail device


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