EFJ Submersible ejector pump(Aerator)


  1. High oxygen transfer rate, BOD easy to remove from wastewater treatment.
  2. Mixing and stirring applications for uniform MLSS due to fine bubbles convention.
  3. Dry motor with overload protector; Cable with an epoxy resin sealed water-proof cable hood; Use deep groove C3 bearing to extend life time.
  4. Superior abrasion resistant dual mechanical seals made of SIC material to ensure best seal effect and reduce abrasion from sewage.

Silencer:To reduce noise when the ejector pump is under operation. Gate valve:To control air volume.


Oxygen aeration of wastewater for wastewater treatment.Oxygenated for aquaculture such as fishing farming,shrimp farming or hydroponics applications.

EVERGUSH Ejector pump is installed under water, to increase oxygen in aqua farm

waste water treatment plant

Actually Application Diagram:

Actually Application Diagram:
Increase Oxygen in water water

Operating Conditions:

  1. Ambient Temperature: Max.40℃
  2. Liquid Temperature: 0~40℃
  3. Forbid 24hr continously running and Forbid running submersible pump under Lowest Running Water Level.


  1. Power: 1/2HP~7.5HP
  2. Protection: IP68
  3. Insulation: F
  4. Pole: 2P
  5. Voltage:
    Single phase110 or 220V*60HZ(0.5HP~2HP) 3 Phase 220~480V*60Hz
    Single phase 220~240V*50HZ(0.5hp~2hp) 3 phase 380~415V*50Hz
  6. Air pipe Dia.: 40mm for 0.5~3HP ; 50mm for 5~7.5HP
  7. Rated Air: 5~100 M³/Hr
  8. Rated OTR:0.12~3.3 Kg-O2/Hr
  9. Water Depth:1.5~4M
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