EFM Submersible Mixer


  1. Equipped with overload protector to protect motor from burnout easily due to abnormal conditions occurs.
  2. Special Mixer impeller design to mix and agitate impurities in the water efficiently.
  3. Adopts SIC/SIC(Silicon Carbide) dual mechanical seals to ensure best seal effect and reduce abrasion from waste water.
  4. Guide rail device is available for safety purpose and easy maintenance.

Main Purpose of Mixer:

  1. Let water continue flowing in the wastewater pool(tank), to avoid becoming a stagnant pool(tank).
  2. To avoid too much solid particles or dirt precipitation.The propeller of the mixer rotates continuously to achieve the effect of stirring and dispersing the waste water and prevent solid particles from settling under the tank.


  1. Wastewater treatment of any industries.
  2. River,ponds,lakes dredging.
  3. Artificial water flow of amusement facilities.
  4. Mix and agitate impurities in the water.

Wastewater treatment of any industries.

Optional-Sub.Mixer with Guide Rail Device

Through simple and convenient installation, we can connect the Mixer onto guide rail device. Whenever the mixer is needed for maintenance, it can be easily pulled out through guide rail, then we can dismantle, repair or examine the mixer. For safety purpose, The workers no longer need to go down the septic tank to do maintenance, and it saves time.Another advantage is that the submersible mixer can be fixed by a fixed seat to reduce the vibration of the mixer during operation.

Submersible Mixer with Guide Rail Device

  • EFM: Most of main wetted parts are cast iron and SUS304 material.Mix impeller(Propeller) is Cast iron FCD450 material.
  • EFMS: Most of main wetted parts are SUS316 material. Mix impeller(Propeller) is Stainless Steel SUS316 material.
  • The original EFM cast iron mixer impeller(propeller) can be replaced with SUS316 material upon special request.The impeller is the main consumable after a period of use.If the use environment is very harsh, the impeller is more likely to be damaged in a short time.In order to extend the service time and reduce the consumables, it is better to replace the original cast iron impeller with SUS316 material impeller.

Operating Conditions:

  1. Ambient Temperature: Max.+40℃
  2. Liquid Temperature: 1~40℃
  3. 24 Hours continuous operation is allowed.


  1. Output: 0.5HP~3HP
  2. Motor Protection: IP68
  3. Insulation: F
  4. Pole: 4P
  5. Voltage: 3phase220,380,440,480V*60Hz;3phase380~415V*50Hz ; 1phase220~240V for 0.5HP only.
  6. Rated Capacity Range: 1.8~6.8 M3/Hr
  7. Rated Flow Speed Range: 1.78~3.5 m/s
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