FK Close-coupled Self-priming Pumps


  1. Close-coupled design, small size, space-saver,high efficiency, easy maintenance.
  2. Adopt high quality Mechanical seal, to ensure no leakage and extend life time.
  3. Semi-open impeller design, suitable for sewage ,waste water, sludge drainage.
  4. Great suction ability(Max.5M). Free install bottom valve. After initial priming water inside pump , the pump will auto-exhaust the air.
  5. FKS Pump body/impeller/shaft are stainless steel material for better corrosion-resistant .


Agriculture irrigation, transfer underground water,waste water treatment, water supply for factory,wastewater drainage in construction site.

Operating Conditions:

  1. Ambient Temp.: 0~40℃
  2. Liquid Temp.: 0~60℃
  3. Working Pressure: Max. 10 bar
  4. Suction Lift: Max. 5M
  5. Solid Passage: Max.5MM


  1. Power: 1HP~15HP
  2. Motor IP Protection: IP54
  3. Motor Insulation: E,B,F Class
  4. Pole: 2P
  5. Voltage: 1 phase-110/220V*60HZ; 1 phase-220~240V*50HZ(Below 2HP)
    3 phase 220~660V
  6. Inlet/Outlet: 5”~ 4”
  7. Max.Head: 31M
  8. Max.Flow Rate: 1450LPM
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