V- APH Auto Booster Pumps(No Rust)


  • Auto boosting water pressure when water is consumed; Auto-stop when water is not consumed.
  • The wetted parts are no rusty, to ensure clean using water.
  • Diaphragm pressure tank is one-piece forming, with long service time and avoiding leakage.
  • Equipped with motor overload protector and thermal cut-off device to prevent the motor from burning out due to abnormal conditions.
  • Water-proof cover is optional if the pump is installed outdoors. It can avoid direct sun exposure and rain protection to increase service time.

Installation of EVERGUSH V-series Pump


  • Water supply and pressure boosting in residential and commercial applications.
  • Water pressure boosting for barber shop, restaurant,sprinkler systems, washing machine, residence, villa,house,..etc.

Installation of EVERGUSH V-series Pump


Installed EVERGUSH V-APH Auto Booster Pump on the top of the residence, to auto boost water pressure downward to where there's insufficient pressure in the building,especially higher floor room and restroom.(Water source is from Overhead storage Water Tank)Installation of EVERGUSH V-APH Auto Booster Pump


Installed EVERGUSH V-APH Auto Booster Pump in the first floor or basement of the residence, to auto boost water pressure upward to where there's insufficient pressure in the building.(Water source is from Cistern)


  • Ambient temperature: Max. 40℃
  • Liquid temperature: 1~40℃
  • Suction Head: Max. 6M
  • The pump can’t start when actual Inlet pressure is higher than pre-set activation pressure of the pump.
  • Liquid: Tap water and clean water without solid matters.


  • Power: 1/4 HP~1/2HP (0.18KW~0.37KW)
  • Motor: IP54 / Insulation E 
    Only single phase: 1Phase 220V~240V (50Hz)
    Built in thermal overload protector
  • Max. Head: 31M
  • Max. Capacity: 42LPM
  • Pressure set : 1.0~ 2.4 bar. (Depending on model you choose)
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